February 16, 2012

Mrs. Obama wears Target Dress!

Reuters, Target photo.

Okay, so I'm sure you already heard Mrs. Obama was wearing a Jason Wu for Target dress over the weekend at a press event here in Florida. I have yet to score anything from the capsule collections, since they are always sold out at my local Target.  Folks seem to be getting a little rattled at the quantity Target makes available at each store, but I don't think that's such a bad thing after all.  Do you really want half your town wearing the same Jason Wu dress that you scored for $39.99?  I know I wouldn't.  It is a capsule collection which usually means a limited quantity of items. If you are camping outside a Target the night before the collection comes out, then I think you do deserve to get that item and be one of the lucky few. I do wonder on the quality of these items, are they really worth the hype?  Maybe one day I'll find out, In the meantime I'll just enjoy watching Mrs. Obama wearing all those fabulously affordable items she always wears.

This brings me to another example of how fashionable the Obama's are.  Did you know that the Obama's have commissioned jewelry designer Kara Ross to create wood cuffs and trays to be presented to visiting heads of state and their spouses?  The pieces are inscribed with the first lady's name, and the trays with the president's.  Each are made from wood that has fallen from the White House trees.  If that isn't cool, I don't know what is.  

I won't ever be able to get one of the above mentioned but this I can....swoon..


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Carly said...

I agree with YOU! What wants the same dress as a million other people...yes limited quantity at each Target..but think about how many Targets there are in every town. The dress does look beautiful on the 1st lady though!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
Happy weekend.