February 18, 2012


What is it about perfume that can evoke so many feelings?  I love perfume, but I’m so picky about what I wear; if it’s widely available I probably won’t wear it.  I think a fragrance is so powerful and it has to be different and individual.  I don’t have a big collection of perfumes because very few really call out to me, and I like the little known perfume houses.  I have a few Bond 9 perfumes and since they are widely available, I’ll never wear just one, instead I mix two or three just to make it real different.  It’s great when I get compliments on my perfume, but I start to cringe when I sense the question approaching “what is it?”    This is going to sound silly but I don’t want anyone to wear my same perfume so I go to great lengths to avoid that.  In Paris I discovered a fragrance house and I had them ship one of their lovely perfumes to me…the shipping costs were absurd, but just knowing that not many people will be wearing it, makes me happy.   I’ve never received so many compliments, and if they ask I just tell them “I got it in Paris” and that usually puts an end to that.  I know that before the bottle runs out I’ll be on the lookout for a new one, as I grow bored of fragrances very quickly.  I've listed a few of my top favorite perfumes over the years.   What's your take on perfume?

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