March 9, 2012

Dog with Sunglasses-Really? K9 Diva

Okay, so I just had to post this picture today.  I spotted this very cool dog last weekend at the Coral Gables Carnival.  This poodle was just chilling and pounding the pavement like a total diva.  She was all decked out.  I have a feeling her closet has nicer stuff than mine does;  I just noticed while typing this post that this chic even gets her nails done.  Gotta love it.   K-9 Diva.
PS... Tonight, make sure to watch  "Pet Crazy" on ABC 20/20.   20/20 clip "Pet Crazy"


RICHA S said...

awww this is so cute.. love dogs .... Nice blog the pic & ur dog looks stunning. chk the newest post on ma blog.. lemme know wot u think
follow each other if u like mine too

Anonymous said...

How awesome. Looks like one of the Rolling Stones!