March 23, 2012

DL1961...the perfect JEANS!!

Jeans DL1961  ,   Nine West Sandals ,  The blouse I wish I was wearing with the jeans Stella Mcartney

Today I found the perfect jeans. I’ve heard wonders about  DL1961 jeans, and I wanted to find out what all the hype was about.  I ordered the pair pictured above and I’m so thrilled with these jeans.  I’ve had 4 coworkers tell me that I look taller and thinner, and they all commented on my jeans.  Trust me I haven’t grown nor have I lost weight, so it must be the jeans!  They fit great, and make my legs look long, (remember I’m only 5’ tall) so that’s a real challenge.  I guess they are called premium denim for a reason.  Word of caution: These jeans are considered high rise, but they are not at all.  If you are not a waif and have hips and curves, make sure you get the high rise as any other will look extremely low.  I’m never going back to anything other than premium.  
You must also wear these with platforms as they will make the jeans look even nicer. I’m wearing them with the Nine West Sandals pictured, which are super cute, light and extremely comfortable. 


Marie Martell said...

great post, love this look!
Have a great weekend doll!

Anonymous said...

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