June 24, 2012

How to Wear High Waisted Shorts

It’s getting hot out there. Summer’s come, and all spring you’ve been promising yourself that this time, you’ll get your legs out. But if you’re worried, don’t be. High waisted shorts are a must-have this summer. Totally flattering and wearable in so many ways, you needn’t be scared at all.


High waisted shorts do an absolutely wonderful job of hiding the bits you don’t want people to see, and showing off the bits you do. They look great pulled up over your tummy and are sure to make your waist look wonderfully hourglass.

If you don’t want it all on show, just wear a pair of tights underneath. If you choose a lighter shade, you’ll be sure to get that summer look without feeling like everything’s there to be stared at. Wear a pair of ballet shoes for a great dressed down girl-about-town look.


The key to everything is confidence. If you walk the walk then you’re sure to look gorgeous. There are a few little tricks to help you with this too. If you feel like you’re a little on the shorter side, wear a pair of wedges. They’re super sexy and their rounded shape, combined with a pair of high waisted shorts, will show off those curves, whilst making your legs look a whole lot longer.

If it’s your arms or shoulders that you’re worried about, throw a loose-fitting shirt over them. Just because you’re in shorts doesn’t mean the rest of you has to be out in the sun too. A classic white boyfriend shirt, tucked into your shorts, will never go out of fashion. It’s sexy, casual, and most of all, incredibly flattering to every single body shape out there.


It’s as much about where you’re going and what you’re doing as it is about what you’re wearing. The wonderful thing about high waisted shorts is that you need only change your shoes to alter the look of your entire outfit.

If you’re lounging around on the beach in flip-flops and planning to get dressed up to go out later, just bring a different pair of shoes along. Changing from a casual pair of beach shoes into a pair of heels will alter your outfit from casual and comfy to red-hot party mode in an instant.

June 23, 2012

A Moroccan Theme

KiraKira Marakesh earrings  , Kate Spade Dress, Moroccan Oil Hair treatment , Emile Henry Tagine

I love everything Moroccan, those vibrant colors and the food is so enticing to me.  On my wishlist are these gorgeous earrings from KiraKira Jewelry, which are to die for.  I'm obsessed with every single piece from this designer.  This is one seriously talented lady.  Check out her website and judge for yourself KiraKiraJewelry , (and no I'm not getting compensated for this mention.)  

If you have curly hair like my daughter you should try the moroccan oil, it smells heavenly and leaves hair frizz free and with the most beautiful curls.   Last but not least is the famous Moroccan Tagine, which I own and absolutely love, not only is it a great conversational piece but this method of cooking is perfect for juicy flavorful meats and stews, not to mention the great presentation at the dinner table.  One of these days I'll post a recipe I love to make.  Stay tuned.   

June 4, 2012

An Anthropologie Summer


My perfect summer outfit would come straight out of Anthropologie's summer line. 

May 29, 2012

The perfect summer skirt

I just received my latest purchases (item #2 and #3) and I couldn't be any happier.
This Ann Taylor skirt is a dream, the way it flows when you walk makes you feel like a
princess.  The Bauble Bar stud earrings are even prettier in person, I'm actually planning on buying the red pair also.   If only I could find the J.CREW sequin top in small I'd have the perfect outfit for my daughter's fifth grade graduation.  The shoes are a distant dream for now, but I'll figure it out before Friday's event. 

May 9, 2012

Summer Sunnies




May 8, 2012

The new Asos Salon Collection Dresses

The new Capsule Collection dresses from Asos Salon are AMAzing..  These are a few of my favorite.

May 7, 2012

My current Fave's...

First bracelet is my own creation and the Anchor bracelet is from https://kieljamespatrick.com/

My bracelet was so easy to make, you just need a small piece of Fabric,  ribbon,  and two plastic O rings.  A sewing machine makes it a snap but it's not completely necessary.  

May 1, 2012

Candie's Spring Collection

Candie's Lace
Tie-Front Tops
Foil Printed Crochet Top

April 30, 2012

Sewing on a rainy day

Yesterday was a cloudy, rainy day and I had nowhere to go, so I decided to get creative. 
I had a beautiful lace fabric I'd been dying to sew, so I dove right in and pulled out my sewing machine, scissors and pattern and two hours later I had a great lined lace blouse.  Sewing truly is
so therapeutic and rewarding, at least for me it is.     

April 28, 2012

Style does not discriminate...

Tziporah Salamon, 62, looks at herself in a mirror as she tries on a new hat at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.
Tziporah Salamon, 62, tries on a hat at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.
Image: Evelio Contreras/CNN

If you have a minute to spare today, you might want to read the article on CNN based on some very stylish older women.  The article is so inspiring and these ladies as so beautiful.  It also mentions one of my favorite blogs "Advanced Style".  I hope you enjoy it.

April 17, 2012

Rings, Rings and more Rings

The internet is a wonderful thing, everyday I discover a new brand either by blogs or Facebook. Turns out my last post was on Kiel Patrick James, and today I received an email thanking me for my post. The email came from the company that handles their PR (Mariposa Communications), so I decided to check them out and clicked on some of the companies they represent, and am I glad I did. I'm going to post some items I fell in love with. I Hope you like my selections:

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                        All available from kirakirajewelry.com

NOW MORE BEAUTIES from robertachiarella.com

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April 15, 2012

Just Discovered Kiel James Patrick....

                                                             Kiel James Patrick bracelet

I just recently discovered this Gem of a company and I want every single piece they sell. I'm fascinated with everything nautical and I have a thing for anchors.  Maybe it's because I was born in the caribbean or that I live in South Florida, who knows.  I do know that I want this bracelet bad, and I'm ordering one this week, so I'll share a pic of it when I receive it.  BTW, their blog is AMAZING, those two have serious style. Check it out here: http://kieljamespatrick.tumblr.com/

April 14, 2012

Black and White and Everything nice Jewelry

1. Earrings from Max & Chloe 2. LyraLoveStar ring 3. Ben-Amun cuff 4. LyraLoveStar Soma Necklace 5.Ben-Amun Cuff
Max & Chloe has the most amazing selection of Fashion and Fine jewelry from some of the greatest jewelry designers.  I just discovered LyraLoveStar designs which are to die for and very affordable.  Isaac Manevitz the designer behind Ben-Amun is another one of my favorite designers as his designs tend to be so different and always with middle eastern influence.  I hope you enjoy today's picks.