February 15, 2012

Beautiful Paris

How can you beat this view of the Eiffel Tower?  It was a 3 mile walk to the tower, casually observing those that passed by along the river.  Sure, you can take the Metro, but there's no price for the view.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  Sure, it makes a great screensaver for the laptop, but it makes a much better memory.
Here's the Seine River in Paris.  I can't describe how beautiful the city is, without mentioning the fashion the people in France exhibit.  What a sense of fashion!!
I'm not much of a carnivore, but where do you see homemade sausage, hand-wrapped cheese (fromage as the French call it!)  on a butcher block table, waiting for next lucky buyer?   Reminds me of the farmers market held locally, or the ones held by the pier in San Francisco, CA. 
Even in the rain, Paris shines! 

Mopeds, Mini-cars, bicycles.....portion sizes sure are small in this place!

Photography by Me


Six Six Sick said...

Love Paris, it's my favorite city in Europe!
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RICHA S said...

oh i love paris too... years ago went there, a college trip.. you brought bk those b'ful memories :)

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GIAA said...

beautiful pictures!


Megan said...

Ooo love that first photo! I visited Paris this summer and was blown away by how large the Eiffel Tower was... it's breathtaking! Such a beautiful, lively city :)