March 31, 2012

Saturday Night Dresses

                   Ivanka Trump Dress  $195.00  ,  H&M dress $19.95

I wish we had an H&M in South Florida, or at least an e-commerce site.  I don't understand why they don't, it makes no sense to me.  Take a look at the two dresses pictured above and you'll understand why H&M is such a hit.  The one on the left is from the Ivanka Trump collection and it goes for $195.00, the one on the left is from H&M and it's $19.95.  Granted, I'm sure the fabric quality and craftmanship of the Ivanka dress is way superior, but for those of us who don't have that amount of cash on hand and still wish to wear fashionable clothes, then H&M to the rescue.  Lucky, those who live near one. 

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Marie Martell said...

Great prints, love them both!