June 24, 2012

How to Wear High Waisted Shorts

It’s getting hot out there. Summer’s come, and all spring you’ve been promising yourself that this time, you’ll get your legs out. But if you’re worried, don’t be. High waisted shorts are a must-have this summer. Totally flattering and wearable in so many ways, you needn’t be scared at all.


High waisted shorts do an absolutely wonderful job of hiding the bits you don’t want people to see, and showing off the bits you do. They look great pulled up over your tummy and are sure to make your waist look wonderfully hourglass.

If you don’t want it all on show, just wear a pair of tights underneath. If you choose a lighter shade, you’ll be sure to get that summer look without feeling like everything’s there to be stared at. Wear a pair of ballet shoes for a great dressed down girl-about-town look.


The key to everything is confidence. If you walk the walk then you’re sure to look gorgeous. There are a few little tricks to help you with this too. If you feel like you’re a little on the shorter side, wear a pair of wedges. They’re super sexy and their rounded shape, combined with a pair of high waisted shorts, will show off those curves, whilst making your legs look a whole lot longer.

If it’s your arms or shoulders that you’re worried about, throw a loose-fitting shirt over them. Just because you’re in shorts doesn’t mean the rest of you has to be out in the sun too. A classic white boyfriend shirt, tucked into your shorts, will never go out of fashion. It’s sexy, casual, and most of all, incredibly flattering to every single body shape out there.


It’s as much about where you’re going and what you’re doing as it is about what you’re wearing. The wonderful thing about high waisted shorts is that you need only change your shoes to alter the look of your entire outfit.

If you’re lounging around on the beach in flip-flops and planning to get dressed up to go out later, just bring a different pair of shoes along. Changing from a casual pair of beach shoes into a pair of heels will alter your outfit from casual and comfy to red-hot party mode in an instant.


Carrie Teal said...

Great tips, I like high waisted shorts.


Carrie Teal said...

What you been up to, miss your post:)

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